Petition to the Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

Honorable Chief Minister,

This is a petition from Nalgonda.Org, a team of NRI volunteers to help serve the district of Nalgonda.

How would you like to save a thousand lives with your simple action? That is not a total, it is saving of 1,000 lives every year. How do you feel if you are told, by improving a mere 50 (that is right, it is a FIFTY kilometer stretch) of a highway you could accomplish just that. Is there any excuse for the governments, both the state and the center, to play dead as the so called highway of death keeps taking lives away?

Please check the facts:

Did you or anyone your know drive or traveled on this fifty kilometer section National Highway Number 9 -- from the outskirts of Hyderbad to Kodad: also referred to as the Hyderbad-Vijayawada highway?

If you are still able to read this mail, consider yourself lucky to be alive.

You are a thousand times more likely to be killed on this section of the highway that is entirely neglected from widening.

Accidents or Crashes on this highway are so common and do not discriminate who you are. A sitting Zilla Parishad Chairman from Nalgonda was killed along with her husband. They left young children to fend for themselves. More recent Superintendent of Police of Nalgonda District, Mr.Mahesh Bhagwat himself said, he escaped near death crashes on four occassions in six months.

But if you are like I am, you won't believe anything until you see statistics and verification. You want to know number of crashes and fatalities --

Here they are -- all in the same Fifty Kilometer segment:

In 2004: There were 1765 Accidents -- 550 Fatal Accidents -- 658 Deaths -- 2874 Injuries In 2005: There were 1956 Accidents -- 603 Fatal Accidents -- 717 Deaths -- 3285 Injuries

In the first Four months of 2006 alone, 261 people died on this highway. More recently the Home Minister Jana Reddy stated there were a total of 5,000 accidents occurred in 2006 on this highway. That too after pressing him about the truth -- What is more: Mr. Jana Reddy, the home minister belongs to this same District.

This petition aims at seeking funds, accelarating the project forward to widen the highway to make it a divided four-lane highway with appropriate safety standards.

Please take the necessary action. Next time, when you drive down this highway and see an accident where a fatality is lying on the road, atleast you will be able to look and not turn away with clear conscience that you have done everything you could to improve this highway.

Even though this petition is addressed to the Chief Minister of the State,it is equally applicable to the Home Minister, The Governor, the Members of Parliament from this region, Assembly and Council members from the region without regard to any and all political affiliations and parties.

Please remember: Accidents or Death does not discriminate between parties or the color of the flag you carry. Please do the needful to complete the stalled highway widening project in this segment without any more delay.

Nalgonda.Org Team
Expecting Results, Not Empty Promises.


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