Pachala Someshwara Alayam

Pachala Someswar Temple

Inner View of Pachala Someshwara Alayam Pachala Someshwara Alayam The ancient temple looks very casual from the outside, but once you step in the architecture tells you the actual story. The temple has 70 pillars with intricate carvings depicting stories of Vishnu and Shiva. Main shrine is dedicated to Shiva who is in the form of Linga made out of Green Onyx stone, hence the name Pachhala Someswara. There is huge beautifully carved Nandi who seems to come to life any moment. There is an archaeological museum on the site and many ruins around. The temple architecture is worth the visit.

There are three famous and historic temples which are located in Panagal town. These are Pachala Someswara Swamy Temple, Lord Venkateswara Temple and Chaya Someswara Temple. Among these Pachala Someswara Temple is of great significance from architectural and sculptural point of view. Panagal is located nearly 4 km from the district headquarters of Nalgonda and is well accessible by road.

The ground plan of Pachala Someswara temple is markedly different from other shrines in Telangana. It has four shrines and these shrines are arranged three on the western side while there is only one on the eastern side with a common and large rectangular mandapam. The historic temple represents the rich legacy of Panagal region in Nalgonda district with its finest sculptural works.

Locals throng the temple during festival occasions From the inscriptional evidence found at Panagal and architectural style of the temple it is dated back to 11th-12th Century AD. The other ruins located close by and the sculptures are highlights of this temple which shows the glory of ancient dynasties which ruled the region, and their patronage towards religion